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Schoeller Genealogy Page

Fred Schoeller Family George Moyer Family

My Ancestry

The following table is a listing of the surnames and places from my kids back through their great-great-great-grandparents. You can click the surnames in the table to jump into my genealogy database at that surname. Or your can go to the full surname list or a full index of all of the people in the database. Many of the place names listed are links to web sites about that place or, better still, the genealogy of that place. If any of this looks familiar, contact me!

Please note this presentation is very raw and perhaps changeable. If you see mistakes in here, or fractured notes about people that are important to your research, contact me about that too! I really want to fix this up.

I've also started to develop my own GEDCOM browser for the web gedbrowser. This version goes directly to the data extraction, instead of working from a set of static pages. I have my own GEDCOM file.

Surname Places
Schoeller (Schöller) Tailfingen -> Truchtelfingen -> Ebingen -> Pennsylvania & Illinois
Robinson (Rabinovitch) Ukraine -> Rhode Island
Hayes Ireland -> Ohio -> Staten Island, NY
Liberman Shepetovka, Ukraine -> New York -> Massachusetts
Moyer Württemberg -> Bucks Co., PA
Wickersham England -> Chester Co., PA -> New Jersey
Chernick Ukraine -> Rhode Island
Rubin Przemysl, Galicia (now Poland) -> New York -> Massachusetts
Achenbach Germany -> Lancaster Co., PA -> Berks Co., PA -> Schuylkill Co., PA -> Cedar Co., IA, Nebraska & Sheriden Co., WY
Beer Northampton Co., PA -> Carbon Co., PA -> Bucks Co., PA
Ulrich Germany -> Staten Island, NY
Harbenson England -> Philadelphia, PA
Figler Shepetovka, Ukraine -> New York -> Massachusetts
Hoot Przemysl, Galicia (now Poland)
Krimmel Truchtelfingen -> Ebingen -> Pennsylvania & Ohio
Zimmerman Berks Co., PA -> Schuylkill Co., PA
Bell Hessen-Darmstadt -> Bucks Co., PA
Kibler (Kuebler, Kuebbler, Kübler) Lehigh Co., PA -> Carbon Co., PA
O'Connell Ireland -> Ohio -> Staten Island, NY
Wall Germany -> Staten Island, NY
Mercer England -> Chester Co., PA
Sumner England -> Philadelphia, PA

Genealogy Records On-line

Below are a bunch of sites that I have found to be, more or less, related to my specific research. This is a very abbreviated subset of my genealogical bookmarks.

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