Melissa Schoeller

Melissa Schoeller

Graduation Speech

I will remember every word you said,
Whether I was listening or not,
I will remember every talk we had
When we were laughing or we fought,
I will remember every lesson learned,
In class or in a game,
I will remember every single show,
Our fifteen minutes fame,
I will remember every walk and stroll,
Down the halls in school,
I will remember the silly clothes we wore,
Thinking we were cool,
I will remember working far too hard,
Hoping we would pass,
I will remember running really quick,
Praying to not miss class,
I will remember the intense silence,
When getting back our tests,
I will remember every teacher we had,
And how we were such pests,
I will remember all the trips we took,
The bus rides would never end,
I will remember every single face,
Every single friend,
I will remember every little thing,
From first to final year,
I wont forget the journey we've made,
Coming from there to here.

Update, Israel Trip

I'm on a trip to Israel until April 4th. You can see our pictures page at the Ramah web site.

All Sea

We eat

My School

Solomon Schechter Day School, 2004

Who knows where after that.

Everything below here is old

Stuff that I think is cool...

I really like Sailor Moon! Pokémon cards and in GameBoy used to be cool.

I like Reading, Computer Games at Alfy and at FreeArcade and American Girl Dolls too.

Some sports that I do are Swim Team, Skiing and Soccer.

I went to Grossman Camp and Camp Kingswood. This summer I'm going to Kingswood again but I'm switching to Nobles Day Camp.

Some other place that I hang out are After School Place and Extended Day at school.


Talia Ringer

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