Melissa's Bat Mitzvah

Melissa's Bat Mitzvah was 31 May 2003. The set photos were taken the previous day. The party pictures speak for themselves. I'll gradually get descriptions in there so that you might know who is who.

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Family at Torah

Portrait Session

These pictures are from the portrait session taken 30 May, the day before the Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Melissa aloft with confetti


Havdalah, motzi, candle lighting and some chair rides. Things that are more or less traditional, more or less formal and all important.

Melissa aloft with confetti


Dancing and other mayhem is what you will find here. I'm not sure whether the DJ kept us moving or we kept him moving.

Kids with confetti


Pictures of the people at various tables. Other posed pictures throughout the evening.

Fish Baloons

Set Up

The pictures in this section were taken before the guests got to enter the social hall. So you see what the caterer (Andrew's) and the balloon lady did for preparation.